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Special Forces Berlin
by James Stejskal



Cold War

The Cold War, a period of competition with the Soviet bloc nations, lasted from the early 1950s to the fall of the Berlin War. The United States and western nations of Europe were concerned about the spread of communism across Europe. There was a real and legitimate fear that the Soviet Union and its allies would attempt to invade and occupy nations of western Europe to spread communism.

U.S. Army Special Forces in the 1950s and for several more decades trained to conduct direct action (DA), strategic reconnaissance (SR), and unconventional warfare (UW) missions against the Soviet bloc in both the areas that they would try to invade and occupy and within the homelands of the Soviet bloc.

The principal Special Forces group charged with this mission was the 10th Special Forces Group based at Bad Tolz, Germany and Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Other SF groups, such as 11th SFGA (Army Reserve) had contingency plans to augment the 10th SFGA.

Another much smaller and more secretive unit was known as "Detachment A" of the Berlin Brigade. Commonly referred to as "Det A", this small clandestine group of about 90 Green Berets were stationed in Berlin. The Soldiers wore civilian clothes and were fluent in German.

The training exercise most SF Soldiers engaged in over the decades to train for these missions was called "Flintlock". Usually, the Special Forces Operational Base (SFOB) would set up on an air base in England. The Operational Detachment Alphas (ODAs) would isolate at the SFOB (planning and preparing for their missions), then infiltrate into an exercise area (usually Germany, sometimes Norway) via paradrop from an MC-130 Combat Talon, and then conduct their mission.

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