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Persian Gulf War (1990-91)

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In August of 1990 Iraq invaded and occupied the country of Kuwait. President Bush of the United States formed a coalition of nations to ensure that the remaining Gulf nations remained safe from invasion and to force the retreat of Iraq's army from Kuwait.

A number of Special Forces units took part in this war to include Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT), 5th Special Forces Group, 3rd Special Forces Group, and 10th Special Forces Group. In addition, there were a number of individual augmentees from the reserve component Special Forces Groups (11th, 12th, 19th, and 20th groups).

The primary Special Forces missions conducted during this war include Coalition Support Teams (CSTs), Direct Action, Strategic Reconnaissance, Personnel Recovery, and Unconventional Warfare.

5th Special Forces Group deployed in its entirety to set up operational bases in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

3rd Special Forces Group provided a battalion that operated under SOCCENT.

10th Special Forces Group provided one company that operated under SOCCENT and was based initially in Saudi Arabia. The 10th SFG also conducted a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) mission from bases in Turkey to rescue downed pilots in northern Iraq. SOCEUR set up a CJSOTF in Turkey to oversea the CSAR mission and to be prepared for the conduct of follow-on mission. 10th Group provided an SFOB (-), two skeleton battalion staffs, and two companies for the CSAR mission. 10th Group would later in 1991 deploy the entire group on Operation Provide Comfort - a humanitarian mission to assist Kurdish refugees along the Turkish border and in northern Iraq.





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