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Afghanistan Conflict

The long running conflict in Afghanistan has seen continous involvement of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers and units. Elements of the 5th Special Forces Group infiltrated Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 to link up with Afghan opposition forces shortly after the 9/11 attack by terrorists.

Special Forces detachments infiltrated northern and southern Afghanistan and linked up with the Northern Alliance (in northern Afghanstan) and opposition forces in southern Afghanistan to assist in the fight against the Taliban regime.

The initial operation name was Operation Stronghold Freedom. The Joint Special Operations Task Force - North (JSOTF-N) was based at K2 airbase in southern Uzbekistan. JSOTF-N was comprised of U.S. Army Special Forces (5th SFGA), USAF special operations air assets, the 49th Public Affairs Detachment (Abn), psychological operations assets, and the 1st Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment (Fort Drum, NY).

On November 13, 2001 elements of the Northern Alliance entered the city of Kabul - chasing out Taliban forces. Soon after, the remaining major cities and provincial capitals fell to a combination of Coalition and Afghan opposition forces.

The Afghan conflict would be one of America's longest wars - with all seven Special Forces groups participating in multiple deployments over two decades.






Books about Special Forces

Books about Special Forces

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