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"Masters of Chaos"

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Masters of Chaos
By Linda Robinson
First published in 2005


Masters of Chaos by Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson has written a book about Special Forces training and activities. This non-fiction book provides a glimpse of how Special Forces units operate, who the Special Forces operators are, and what type of training they undergo for their demanding missions.  There are chapters on training, Just Cause, Desert Storm, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The last half of this book is about the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Wrote in 2004 it covers the first few years of both conflicts.  A good read and an excellent work of non-fiction about Special Forces.

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Linda Robinson traveled with Special Forces units on the frontlines, interviewed them while they conducted training in the United States, and became a subject matter expert on the U.S. Special Forces Green Berets. She is  a senior international policy analyst at RAND Corporation - specializing in special operations forces. She has conducted eyars of field research on special operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Latin America, and elsewhere.











Books about Special Forces

Books about Special Forces

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