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Special Forces Berlin
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History of Special Forces

This site will provide to you information, facts, and descriptions of the history of the U.S. Army Special Forces. In addition, it will provide you will links to publications and other websites about the history of Special Forces and the Green Berets.

The U.S. military has a rich history of units that conducted special operations and unconventional warfare. These storied units include Rogers Rangers of the French Indian War, Francis Marion and his guerrilla band during the Revolutionary War, a number of guerrilla units on both sides of the Civil War, and a variety of units that existed during World War II.

U.S. Army Special Forces, formed in 1952, was derived from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The OSS was disbanded at the conclusion of World War II but with the emerging threat from the Soviet bloc and its aim to spread communism throughout the world military and political leaders decided to form two separate organizations that could provide the capabilities that the OSS provided during the war. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was formed to conduct intelligence missions and Special Forces was established to conduct unconventional and special warfare.

Since its inception Special Forces has been involved in numerous wars, conflicts, and operations around the world on almost every continent.The Special Forces groups are regionally focused with special training on language and culture.

Although Special Forces Soldiers have been employed throughout the world during the last 60 plus years they are best known for their part in the Vietnam War and the Global War on Terror. Over the past twenty years the entire Special Operations community has seen tremendous growth, increased funding, and a grueling operations and deployment tempo.

The members of Special Forces are a select group of warriors within the much larger U.S. military's Special Operations community. All of the services have units that conduct special operations - each with its own set of missions. The U.S. Army Special Forces are the organization in the lead for special warfare, unconventional warfare, and other mission sets. The members of this elite organization go through the rigorous and demanding special forces training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina prior to assignment to their respective groups.

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