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A tightly-knit elite group such as Special Forces that exists for decades forms a specific culture unique to its organization. This page will provide some information and history on that culture.

Green Beret. The most obvious historical and cultural aspect of Special Forces is their unique hat - the Green Beret. It is a symbol of their heritage and special training and is only earned by attending and successfully passing the Special Forces Qualification Course or SFQC. The Green Beret was authorized for wear at Bad Tolz, Germany by the 10th Special Forces Group commander (Col William Ekman) on November 17, 1955. The Department of the Army did not recognize the headgear as official - which caused all sorts of cultural clashes between the Special Forces Soldiers and conventional commanders and SGMs. In October 1961 President John F. Kennedy visited Fort Bragg where he met with Special Forces leaders. Kennedy was a champion of unconventional warfare and the Special Forces. He issued a Presidential Directive recognizing the Green Beret as the "Symbol of Excellence" and the Green Beret was then made the official headgear of Special Forces.

Ballad of the Green Beret. Special Forces has its own song. Wrote and sung by SSG Barry Sadler during the height of the Vietnam War it became extremely popular. In fact, it was the number one song in 1966 hitting the top of the charts.

Coin Check. Each Special Forces Soldier has his coin. It is usually sold by someone within the group headquarters. Some are serial numbered. There are some very unique rules and history about SF coins. For instance if you are in a bar and someone conducts a coin check and you don't have yours it can get costly. For a description of the rules and regulations pertaining to SF coins see "Coin Rules and History" at the link below:

Mistress. There is an old adage about Special Forces being a mistress.

Special Forces Creed, USASOC

Special Forces Crest. The SF crest insignia was adopted in 1960. Its design reflects both the lineage and mission of Special Forces. It was approved as the Special Forces regimental designator in 1984.

Special Forces Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. The gold and teal SF shoulder patch, originally approved in 1955, is authorized for wear by personnel of the U.S. Army Special Forces Command and subordinate units. The teal blue arrowhead alludes to the American Indian's basic skills in which Special Forces personnel are trained to a high degree. The dagger represents the unconventional warfare nature of Special Forces operations. The three lightning flashes reflects their ability to strike rapidly by air, land, or water.

Special Forces Tab. The Chief of Staff, U.S. Army approved the wear of the Special Forces tab in June 1983 to those personnel who successfully graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). The SF tab is sometimes referred to as "the long tab".

Special Forces Motto. "De Oppresso Liber" translates into "From oppression we will liberate them."

Trogan Horse Crest. This crest was worn by members of the 10th SFGA on their berets during the 1950s. On December 10, 1982, the 1st Special Operations Command (Airborne) adopted the Trojan Horse part of this crest as its official emblem.

Special Forces Prayer. The history and origin of the Special Forces prayer by Special Forces Search Engine.

President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy had a special relationship with the U.S. Army Special Forces. Kennedy was an astute student of unconventional warfare, political warfare, and communist insurgencies. He advocated for a strong unconventional warfare and counterinsurgency capability within the U.S. military - and especially with the Army's Special Forces. 1.

SF Underground. Rumors abound about 'secret societies' within the Special Forces community - especially among the retired Soldiers. Read one story in "Inside 'The Special Forces Underground'", The Fifth Column, April 23, 2015.

Websites about Special Forces Heraldry

Special Forces Heraldry - Special Forces Search Engine

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1. For more on President Kennedy and the Green Berets see "Green Berets" on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum website.




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